About our Coffee

From the origin; the selection of single origin or blend, that first crack as the bean is roasted light or dark, the grind, the tamp to milk consistency and the quality of the crema , coffee is an art form that takes patience and instinct.

Taking a beautiful coffee is an art form so we have brought together a team of experienced Baristas  that bring passion and love for good coffee and combined them with a big bold bean to deliver you a consistent smooth coffee made to your liking.

Our blends:

  • Chubby Blend- Sweet dark chocolate tone coming from Sumatran, Colombian and Costa Rica origins

  • Hunter Blend- Big & bold with body and richness that fills the entire palate.

  • 2444 Blend- A pure Arabica blend that is smooth, clean, medium bodied blend with dark caramel and chocolate after-taste..

  • Ava Decaf- 100% swiss water process ensures tasty seasonal blends that gives real favour without caffeine,

About our Food

Our goal at Sedo Coffee is to provide our customers with fresh home style made food and a consistently smooth coffee, in a relaxed environment.

All our food is locally sourced and crafted with love. Our meals are made to order and our baked treats are either freshly baked onsite daily or delivered daily from one of our local suppliers.

Every morning we bake a batch of muffins, loaves of banana bread and Gluten Free brownies. 

Food safety is very important to us which is why we only source quality produce and meat from reputable suppliers that are HACCP accredited. 

Sedo Coffee's cafe holds a 'Five Star Food Rating' with Brisbane City Council's Food Safety Program.

Our motto is 'Simple Food, Smooth Coffee'!